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Friday, June 09 2017

Working on a New Look for our Website

Some of you may have seen our Social Media post on Tuesday, announcing that we were meeting with a web designer, and wondered where we are in our process. We’ve been planning this for a while; our current website design has been in place since 2011 and technology has changed a lot since then. In addition, we’ve learned more about what you want from us and we’re producing more media than we used to.

“Content is king” really is the slogan than best defines our site. We know that when you come to, you don’t want to have any trouble finding and watching the video(s) that you’re looking for. We also want to make sure that you can easily check out our new types of shows: radio programs (currently only available on, podcasts, audio of government meetings (coming soon), songs from local artists, music videos, images, and 360 degree video. The design team at Yes Exactly totally gets us and their graphic artist gave us renderings of potential homepages that were clean, sleek, and easy to navigate, with content areas impossible to miss.

On Tuesday, we discussed what we liked, what could be tweaked, and what we need. We expect to see a new mock up soon and then can move on to approving design for other pages and get into how the site will actually function. We hope to finish and launch within the next six months and will keep you posted. For now, we just want you to know that we are happy with how things are going and looking forward to having an awesome new site!