A Deliberate Downtown


Join us on Monday, February 7, 2022, at 6:00pm on Comcast 15 to see the next step in the City of Greenfield’s plan to revitalize the downtown area. This is a public forum and the panel will include Mayor Wedegartner, Hannah Rechtshaffen (Chairperson, Sustainable Greenfield Implementation Committee), and MJ Adams (Director, Community & Economic Development).

You can find previous Deliberate Downtown coverage here on gctv.org.

More information on Monday’s event can be found on the City’s website here.

The agenda as listed is:

  1. Recap the 2020 initiative – A Deliberate Downtown: Growing by Design;
  2. Share the work that continued in support of preparing for this revitalization plan update including:
    1. Business District Assessment and Market Analysis;
    2. the Local Rapid Recovery Program;
    3. Updates on public investments and projects in the works and on the horizon for Downtown Greenfield; and
    4. Identification of other redevelopment opportunities in the central business district
  3. Outline the process to update the Downtown Revitalization Plan; and
  4. Gather comments & feedback on possible future uses for the First National Bank Building.


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