Art From Drew Hutchison On Display


Local artist Drew Hutchison is our next lobby artist. His art is on display now through September. We will be having an opening with the artist on July 29 to coincide with Arts Walk.

Artist Statement

Drew Hutchison burst on the art scene in Kindergarten with his colorful rendition of a tree made from construction paper. The trunk was brown, which was fairly common among his peers, but taking the assignment to a whole new level, Drew proceeded to cut up tiny leaves of every color, which he dutifully glued in place, earning the admiration of his teacher.

Several years later, an art teacher in elementary school awarded Drew a scholarship to attend summer art school where he first learned to use oil paints and clay sculpture.

Sadly, upon moving from Florida, Drew gave up art for several years until he was in college and fell
under the influence of art majors. For many years, Drew hosted a weekly creativity night where friends were invited to pursue art, music, and poetry.

Having only so much wall space, the majority of Drew’s art was given to friends or painted over. The collection shown at GCTV represents surviving pieces from many decades, comprising oil, printer ink, and acrylic. More recent pieces include prints made from editing digital copies in Premiere Pro, a video editing software.


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