Have you ever thought about creating your own tv program?  If you have an idea, we can give you the training you need to make your dream a reality. 

Step 1:  Figure out what kind of show you want to do:  interview, drama, reality, comedy, etc. and if it’s going to be an ongoing series (monthly, weekly, daily) or a one-time thing.  Please remember, it can’t be commercial in nature and it should be relevant to the wider community (in other words, you can’t use our equipment to film a friend or family member’s wedding or to make a commercial for your business).  Finally, decide on a length.  We generally program in half hour blocks so 30 minutes or 60 minutes is best, 90 minutes or 120 minutes if you’re doing a meeting, big event, or movie. That said, short videos are good too! Have a 1-minute video, or a music video for your local band? Let us know!

Step 2:  Decide whether it’s going to be shot in our studio or on location.

Step 3:  Gather a crew of your friends to help you out and figure out three possible dates that you can all work on this project.

Step 4:  Call us at 413-774-4288 to schedule time in our studio or to check out the equipment.  Don’t forget to allow for training time.  When you call we’ll give you the details you need, and arrange training (which is quick and painless), based on what you’re planning.  Equipment can be checked out either overnight or for a weekend and we book time in the studio as blocks of up to 4 hours.

Step 5:  Film and edit your show.  You’ll need to call us again to set up editing training and time.  We book editing time on our computers in blocks of up to 4 hours.

Step 6:  Gather your friends and have a party while watching your show on Cable Channel 15.

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