GCTV Soon Offering 2X The Channels


Greenfield Community Television is excited to announce we are expanding to channel 17 on Comcast. GCTV has broadcast solely on channel 15 for many years and will be expanding to include channel 17 on September 30th.

Government meetings and programming will be on channel 17 and public programming will remain on channel 15. The expansion will allow us greater flexibility in airing Greenfield committees and boards as well as programming from the Commonwealth. It will also allow us to provide a more regular schedule for our community programming, including locally-produced shows and those from regional access stations and beyond.

GCTV is continuing to post meetings here on our website and on Youtube. You will be able to find the schedule for each channel in the “Watch” dropdown menu on gctv.org.

Greenfield’s contract with Comcast has allowed two channels, but historically the station has only broadcast one. We feel now is a good time to expand our offerings to both channels.

Create your own Programming

GCTV offers equipment and training for members of the Greenfield community to produce their own TV shows and videos and radio shows or podcasts. Find out more!

Support GCTV

The primary source of income for GCTV comes from Comcast subscribers in Greenfield. By putting videos online, they are available to all even if viewers are not Comcast subscribers. We would encourage those who are not Comcast subscribers to consider making a tax-deductible donation to GCTV to support our work, either as a one-time contribution or a monthly recurring contribution.


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