collage photo of two people who were guests on Going Deeper with Marcie Sclove

Highlighting Recent Episodes of Going Deeper with Marcie Sclove


This summer Marcie Sclove released two episodes of her ongoing series “Going Deeper”. 

In the first of the episodes she talks with author Richard Sclove about his new book “Escaping Maya’s Palace: Decoding an Ancient Myth to Heal the Hidden Madness of Modern Civilization”. In the interview he discusses the book’s focus on understandings drawn from Eastern spirituality to understand a swath of current issues and how we can engage in course corrections.

The second episode features Earl Miller, the Director of Amherst’s newly established municipal department Community Responders for Equity, Safety and Service Program (CRESS). The program seeks to establish alternative options for providing services around non-criminal calls including issues of homelessness, mental health, and other situations in the community.

Both videos air on channel 15 on Comcast as well as being available to watch on our website.

Going Deeper with Richard Sclove
Going Deeper with Earl Miller


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