Lights! Camera! Greenfield! Starts April 14th!!!


We are officially announcing the third annual Lights! Camera! Greenfield! film competition.

LCG! is GCTV’s annual-ish film sprint where each team is given a series of prompts to include in their short film, which must be completed in two weeks.

Any experience level is welcome and encouraged and is family-friendly! But best of all, it’s free and we have all of the equipment you will need.

To learn more about LCG! click here and to immediately sign up for this year’s competition click here.

You can also watch the previous movies here!

We will be holding the Kick-Off Celebration and Premiere/Awards Ceremony both in person and virtually. The Kick-Off will be held in the GCTV lobby, on April 14th at 6:00 pm. It will be there where we welcome all of the teams, explain the game, and select each team’s prompts.

So, go out there and support local filmmakers!!!!!!!!


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