New Lobby Art!

We are excited to display the fiber arts of Mary Frongillo in the GCTV lobby and common areas. The art varies from abstract designs to playful faces in a variety of styles and materials. The art is on display now through December 22, 2021. Please stop by any time during our open hours (M-F, 10am-6pm).

Mary is a scholar, an artist and a great observer of people. Born and raised
in the Boston area, she has lived, studied and worked in various regions of North
America, including the high plains, the Midwest, western New England and the
Canadian subarctic. With each move, she immersed herself in the local dialects,
customs and culture of that region, while creating safe and supportive learning
environments for students and clients. Ever ready for adventure, Frongillo
frequently found herself in unexpected but interesting situations. Upon
retirement from her professional career, she returned to western Massachusetts
to learn more about life while working full time with her art.

Mary’s fiber sculptures and tapestries are made entirely by hand. As she
manipulates the different sizes, colors and textures of her chosen materials, the
energies and memories held within are released. Images emerge, take on form
and expression, and are brought into a self-integrated whole. Topics reflect her
lifelong interest in human behavior, social systems, and an affinity for the natural

Watch Mary’s discussion of her art and philosophy in this video made by Garry Longe and check out more videos on past lobby artists.

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