About Greenfield Community TV

Greenfield Community Television, Inc. (GCTV) programming can be watched on Cable Channel 15 and our offices are located on the first and third floors of 393 Main Street in downtown Greenfield (near the Garden Cinemas). Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10AM – 6PM. Our telephone number is (413) 774-4288.

We are a non-profit cable access television and radio production facility featuring state of the art computer based editing, digital cameras, studio production, and sound technology. We are dedicated to open, community oriented, multi-media production and publication and our handicapped accessible facility is designed to promote productivity and creativity in all who use our assets.

GCTV is a membership-based organization, governed by the GCTV Board of Directors, which is dedicated to providing an electronic forum for the free exchange of information and ideas, which reflect the talents, skills, interests, concerns and diversity of the Greenfield community.

In pursuit of this, GCTV:

  • Manages facilities for community access TV programming on the Greenfield cable television system, manages a Low Power FM Radio Station, and maintains a community world wide web presence.
  • Provides access to, and training in, various telecommunications technologies, including video production, radio production, and computer technology.
  • Serves as a catalyst to facilitate and stimulate community discussion and provide leadership in the uses of telecommunications technology.


GCTV is governed by a board of directors and administered by a professional staff of experts committed to making community television an enriching, educational, and expressive experience.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Greenfield Community Television, Inc. to enable and encourage the open exchange of ideas and information, within the Greenfield community, through access to cable and viable emerging technologies. -Adopted November 20, 1995

Public Access

Public access is a medium for community expression, established by Congress, funded locally by Comcast, and managed here by the non-profit corporation, Greenfield Community Television, Inc. Individuals and organizations may utilize the training, equipment, facility, and support of staff to produce programming for cablecast on Greenfield Community Television.

What We Do

We promote an open-source environment, providing the technical and professional guidance necessary for community members to produce their own high-quality television, radio, and internet programming. GCTV does not censor program content. At GCTV, your ideas come to life!

Our staff is supportive of the first-amendment and this environment encourages creativity and the expression of all ideas, viewpoints, and concepts. Visit us today!


GCTV provides training, equipment use, and broacast services for community members looking to gain a web, television, or radio presence.

GCTV Productions

In keeping with federal regulations for public access television, GCTV’s staff produces shows of some local government meetings, political candidate debates, and educational programming.