Volunteer with GCTV

Want to get more involved in video production? Want to help out other producers with their video productions or cover happenings, talks, sports or more? We’ve got opportunities for you!

We are happy to train you and provide equipment and support.

If you are interested in getting involved in video production or to help out with any of the events below, email us at production@gctv.org or call 413-774-4288.

Recording Government Meetings

Committees are now holding in-person meetings without a hybrid element. Many members of our community appreciate the availability of meetings that became available with online/hybrid meeting recordings and will note the absence of new meeting recordings. We are looking for volunteers interested in recording meetings.

If you are interested in recording meetings, we will provide you with a camera and microphone(s) and train you how to use them. You will record the full meeting gavel-to-gavel and provide us with the recording. We will then trim the recording, apply titles, and make it available to the Greenfield community.

Volunteer Opportunities Coming This Fall

September and October
Events: Greenfield High School Sports Events
Location: GHS
Time: TBA
Crew Call: TBA
Positions: Camera Operators and Announcers

October 30, 2022
Event: Rag Shag
Location: Energy Park, Greenfield
Time: TBA
Crew Call: TBA
Positions: Camera Operators and Announcers

Recent Volunteer Events

Thursday, September 8, 2022
Event: The Franklin County Fair Parade
Location: Corner of Main and Federal Streets
Time: 5:00 PM
Crew Call: 4:00 PM
Positions: Camera Operators, Switcher, Graphics, Audio

Saturday, June 4, 2022
Event: Greenfield High School Graduation Class of 2022
Location: TBA
Time: 11:00 AM
Crew Call: 10:15 AM
Positions: Camera Operators

Friday, June 10
Event: Pride Flag Raising
Location: Greenfield Town Common
Time: NOON
Crew Call: 11:00 AM
Positions: Camera Operators and Film Editor

Saturday, June 11, 2022
Event: Franklin County Pride Parade 2022
Location: GCTV, 393 Main St. Greenfield
Time: NOON
Crew Call: 11:15 AM
Positions: Camera Operators, on-camera Host/Announcer

Keep an eye on this page as we may need some TV Studio volunteers for talk shows and concerts