Production Resources

Here are a growing number of resources to help you produce your videos and make them better. We will continue to add resources over time. If you have suggestions for resources to include here or questions, please email us at


Most commercial music requires licensing for use in your videos, which would be cost prohibitive for small projects. There are, however, many musicians who make their music available for free or low cost. Musicians will license their video in a variety of ways, including using such license as “by attribution” which require that you include credits for the music in your video, usually during the closing credits.

Video Footage

Many video projects are enhanced by “stock” footage or video footage from other sources. Below are several sources for free footage to use in your project.

  • Pexels – Mostly free videos that can be used in commercial and non-commercial videos.
  • Pixabay – Free videos, but licensing can vary between videos. Double check on the particular video you choose.
  • Mixkit – Free stock footage that can be used for most commercial & non-commercial videos. Check the licensing for each individual video.
  • Stock Footage for Free – Free 4K videos. Does require to setup a free account to download videos.

Free Software

There are many paid programs out there including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and ProTools among others. There are also terrific free programs that we both recommend and use regularly.