Lights! Camera! Greenfield!

Lights! Camera! Greenfield! poster

If you need the short, sweet, and bullet-point version of this explanation click here.

Lights! Camera! Greenfield!, or LCG!, is an annual film competition hosted by Greenfield Community Television. We at GCTV wanted to create our own version of a film sprint where newcomers can compete with experienced filmmakers on an even playing field. How do we do that? Well, LCG! starts with a Kick-Off Celebration where each team is given a few randomized, individual prompts as well as a universal prompt shared by each team.

Wait. You didn’t know about the prompts?

That’s how we figure out if the movies were made ahead of time or during the competition. These prompts can range from any type of topic and are usually kept secret until the official Kick-Off to prevent pre-filming. This is what evens the playing field. While we appreciate and love the highest quality of local movies, during LCG! we are more concerned about how each team creatively uses its prompts. While each prompt is only technically required to show up for a single moment, we want to see how your team can work the prompts into a story or find uncommon interpretations of the prompts. No one knows who will get what prompts until they are being drawn during the Kick-Off.

Wait. You didn’t know about the two-week deadline? It’s a good thing you are reading this now.

As soon as the Kick-Off is over, LCG! is officially underway and each team must complete a 4-minute movie (from writing, filming, editing, and submitting) using their unique random and universal prompts within the two-week deadline.

The strict deadline is what makes it a film “sprint.” These kinds of competitions are everywhere (including our friends at Northampton Open Media) and can range from 10 days to one week, 48 hours, and even 24 hours! Relatively, LCG! is more like a film jog. We think two weeks raises the creative pressure but is more flexible for people’s schedules.

Filmmakers of every experience level are welcome and in fact, are encouraged. The GCTV Staff is experienced in various filmmaking techniques, editing, effects, and video production and we are happy to train any and everyone who is curious about LCG! or any type of video or audio project. Reach out to us at any time, during LCG! or any other time, to learn how to make your creative dreams come true!