Alchemystics Live on Homegrown

Pioneer Valley Reggae Hip Hop outfit The Amchemystics live on Valley Homegrown. Full time crew: Jason Mazzarino -- director, camera and production; Elijah Rottenberg -- lighting director, camera, production, European distribution; Richard Roy -- camera, director, titling, lighting and production; Jimmie Bailey -- camera, director, lighting and production; Chris Kudukey -- audio engineer, audio mix, assistant director; Travis C Roy -- audio engineer, camera, audio mix, production, booking. Part-time crew: Drew Hutchison -- camera, director, community liaison; James Woodbury -- camera, director; Zach Lapierre -- camera, director; Augustus Muller -- camera. GCTV support crew: Scott MacPherson -- technical direction, support and trainer; Alicia Brody -- support. Full and part time crew members are all volunteer. Valley Homegrown is a non-profit 501(c)3 production incorporated under Greenfield Community Television.

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