GCTV Lobby Gallery – “Patina” – A Photography Exhibition by C. Solomon Holmes

Meet artist C. Solomon Holmes during the October Greenfield Arts Walk right here in the GCTV Lobby!

About the Artist:
C. Solomon Holmes, a photographer known for his abstract revelations, is set to unveil his latest exhibition showcasing the captivating beauty of patina. The collection, simply titled “Patina”, will transport visitors into a world where years of decay transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Holmes stumbled upon this inspiration while on an early morning hike through October Mountain State Forrest in western Massachusetts.
“As I began to zoom in on this old rock quarry, isolating different areas, I discovered how even the slightest movement to the left or right would create a new and aesthetically pleasing composition comprised of abstract shapes and color.”

To learn more, meet the artist in person on October 27th during Greenfield’s Arts Walk from 5pm-7pm. Or stop by the GCTV offices any time between October 27 and December 22nd!

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