Jumping Off the Big Board


I am one of many thousand faces at the doorway
you are too related to the climb
if you put your hand in mine
we're jumping off the big board--

Never mind what others may have
told you 'bout the distance
they were just too busy
driving their cars into the ground
if they stop to look around
they might just see what it's been costing them--

I am one I am one.

Looking for life, she thought she found her answer
dozing in the back seat
curls on his collar
arm hanging limp out the Cadillac
something held her back
"Why don't ya come on over this way?"
she said, "I like it better my way."

I am one I am one.

I am just beginning to know that I can sing
that I have power
over the voices telling me
"Why don't ya do this, why don't ya do that?"
Nothing wrong with me,
I just like it better my way
I like it better my way.

I am one I am one.
c2008 Laura Siersema

Track from her third CD, "Talon of the Blackwater" released March 2009. Produced and engineered by Jay Hovnanian, mastered by Jeff Lipton. Laura Siersema--keyboard and voice, Jay Hovnanian--synthesizers

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