Mother Mary Rose
First cut from her third CD, "Talon of the Blackwater" (2009)

Mother Mary Rose
drinking from a fountain I feel the rain
coming down like life
or the remnants of a hurricane
will you break me up?
will you hold me down?

Mother Mary Rose
well he shook his head and I wanted to tell him it was alright
but we were on the ocean
it was breathing like a child
I held him in my arms
he was alone and so was I--

Why do shadows fall so slowly
hovering o'er this field of all who pass--

Mother Mary Rose
my sisters and I spent out summers this way
hardly noticed
slipping over the many mountains
slipping over the lush down of scooter
slipping, slipping away--
c2008 Laura Siersema

Produced and engineered by Jay Hovnanian, mastered by Jeff Lipton. Laura Siersema--keyboard and voice, Jay Hovnanian--synthesizers, Marcelo Woloski--brush

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