Wade in the Water

"Understated accompaniments are at times brilliant. Siersema takes "Wade in the Water" and makes it her own with a ghostly arrangement reminiscent of Daniel Lanois' work." (Progression: The Quarterly Journal of Progressive Music) Track from her third CD, "Talon of the Blackwater", released March 2009. Produced and engineered by Jay Hovnanian. Mastered by Jeff Lipton. Laura Siersema, electric piano, vocal; Bruce J. LeBlanc, drums; Nate Comp, guitar; Jay Hovnanian, bass and keyboard programming; T Lavitz, organ; Marcelo Woloski, congas, shakers, tambourine.

WADE IN THE WATER (traditional; additional lyrics by Laura Siersema)
Wade in the water
wade in the water children
wade in the water
God's a gonna trouble the water

Jordan's river is chilly and cold
saw the bullet holes around you
chills the body but lifts the soul
there are no questions

If you get there before I do
wants to save Tibet but he would run you over
tell my sisters
that I hear them calling--

c2009 Laura Siersema

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